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"For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack."


Inspire by FM

Intense and condense Fighting Monkey practice.

FM coaching

If you are interested in a deeper understanding of the FM practice, I can help.

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elastic bodies AND plastic BRAINs

Being adaptable and playful requires our capacity to engage with the context, attune to it (collaboration) or disrupt it  (competition) if we wish to do so.

Rigidity is a common place where our structure tends to go. Our mission is to delay, limit or avoid this harshness. Movement is one of the characteristics of a living organism, therefore it is a cardinal point for healthy ageing.

The human body is a complex structure that relies on rhythm and coordination to move appropriately. How do we nurture and nourish those qualities? We need to regularly expose ourselves to variety, irregularity, unpredictability in order to foster our ability to attune and organise our bodies.


“With Eduardo's wealth of experience and knowledge my tennis and coaching has gone to the next level. His sharp eye and visionary approach has helped me work on the fine details I have been missing for myself. This in turn has helped me take more responsibility for my self and my learning to become a better individual. A individual that takes better care of myself and has more insight and energy to help other athletes do the same for themselves. It is a pleasure working with Eduardo, a truly caring and wise man who I would recommend to anyone."

Luke Sebastiani

ATA Director and Head of Athletic Development

“Eduardo was the right person at the right time, I had recently decided that I wanted to put some focus into improving my health, better movement was what I was looking to achieve. 13 years ago I sustained multiple serious injuries and had since given up hope that I could improve my situation. I met Eduardo by chance at just the right time, I have enjoyed Eduardo's approach to training and is dedication to offering tailored solutions to my specific needs, he has me moving better than I ever have and for that I am grateful. The best skill he has taught me would be self observation and awareness. Eduardo is the best!"

Peter Wilson

Managing Director of Determined2®


Based in Adelaide

Online coaching Worldwide


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