Classes will be designed on 5 week cycles and have a dynamic structure that allows us to explore the following ideas:

  • Rooting

  • Connecting

  • Expanding

Outdoor areas (parks near the Levi Caravan Park) will be the preferred location confirmed before each session. In case of inclement weather, we will work in the indoor space at my place (max 12 ppl according to current regulations)

We will work on understanding how we support our structure, what is available to us and how we re-organise ourselves in a dynamic way in order to meaningfully adapt to changes.

The focus is to observe relationships, trying to better the communication within the body, questioning how information can be passed throughout the structure.

The aim is to broaden the neurological network, improving our capacity to identify patterns and learn quicker to adapt in complex situations.

My invitation is to attend the sessions conscious that you can find more than a physical experience if you wish. Connections are everywhere we are capable of seeing them, metaphors and images support and inspire us, embrace them.

Observe and connect
Explore and play
Struggle and try
Learn and grow

And most of all,

Way beyond the physical for me is the mind/body connection, the concentration, the quieting of the mind, the connection with others.  At times a moving meditation, other times a playful ball game or dance or just exhausting hard work. And the power of my own mind - believing I can do something rather than talking myself out of it.

I personally am challenged to move between different qualities. I prefer broad, fast and energetic. Through your practice, I also learn the narrow, slow and attentive side. This helps expose opportunities to translate these physical changes in qualities to other areas of life.

I’ve learnt how to be in sync with my body and how to use it correctly therefore limiting any more pain.

To be humble

To slow down

To trust myself

To be quicker and more explosive with my feet

How to generate force through the feet and letting it transmit through my body and out at a particular point

Finding creative ways to practice as an athlete

Tools through dance to open up the body and create new energetic pathways


I'm learning that it's vital to challenge my mind, my neural pathways and both my mental and physical rigidity. Your message is to challenge yourself so as to grow and develop. Be open and have a go!


Learning to be confident enough to try new things/movements/practices; Learning to be more positive; Learning to be calm and assess things before rushing in/before thinking it is too hard/before only doing it in one way.



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