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What does healthy ageing mean?

I see two main different reasons for seeking longevity, fear of death and love for life. I decided to embrace the latter. Loving life means staying curious, humble and open to learn.

Cultivating qualities such as elasticity and curiosity are priorities of my approach. An elastic structure allows movement, exploration and a return back home in a meaningful way.


A curious mind contributes to preserve the brain plasticity. Maintaining and developing a playful attitude seems to feed our neuroplasticity, therefore developing new connections. The deepest root of science is curiosity, so we purposefully embrace the question "what if..?".


Like the instruments in an orchestra need to be perfectly timed and coordinated to create a great performance, so too the coordinated force production and timing of our muscles is crucial to execute well any contextual movement pattern. Therefore coordination, rhythm and movement connection must be addressed as well as kinetic potential and power exploration to strengthen the performance.

One of the tools I use with my students is the 9 Speedtool by FM. It is a distinctive and crucial tool of training. It highlights deficiency in fundamental patterns whose refinement are key points for timeless performance. It also offers a peculiar opportunity to improve striking and throwing capacity.

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Play is a key element for human development, a tool for discovery and learning. How do you invest in your development?


How do you play?

In time of peace, or physical training in our scenario, we have the opportunity to try and speculate. It is the time in which we can explore and create new possibilities. It is the time in which we can deliberately have fun or get lost without consequences. We aim to prepare ourselves to better face the unknown.


But in order to make the most out of it, we need to stay engaged, observe and listen.


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