what is fm?


Here is my personal view.

The Fighting Monkey practice is an applied movement research.

It is applied because it is practical, you can experience it first hand.

It regards movement as physical experience as well as a life concept.

It is research in its most scientific meaning: observe, play, try, decode.

I also value the practice as a multi-purpose learning tool.

It is multi-purpose, its principles can be contextualised as you wish.

It is about learning because it arouses questions and makes you wonder.

It is a tool, it means little-to-nothing unless you put it into practice.

FM has given more sense to what I do.

It has changed the way I live. I train. I coach.

Discover FM, go further.

9Speed BG-02.png

9 Speed tool by fm

The 9 Speed Tool is training as it has never seen before.

The 9 Speed Tool offers neurological challenges for healthy ageing.

The 9 Speed Tool gives you movement puzzle to solve on the move.

The 9 Speed Tool unleashes power blending slingshot and recoil motion.

Its shape offers a variety of grips, its weight diverse applications.

It benefits the human body compound, its organisational capacity and ability to move.

The 9 Speed Tool promotes:

Joint elastic recoil

Multipurpose applications

Multi-directional coordinations

Proprioception variability

Power exploration


9 speed tool


Transform your training experience from linear and predictable to creative and multi-directional.

Improve your elastic power and flexibility, better your joint stability and your overall coordination.

Stay engaged

Further your training

inspire by fm


I offer 'Inspire by FM' workshops where I present some of the FM material aiming to give you a rough idea of how the FM practice can benefit you.

The workshops are suitable for movers of any kind, including dancers, fighters, performers and athletes.

FM coaching


Move with grace as you age
Create energy surplus
Transform obstacles into opportunities 
Move and sound like yourself

This is your opportunity to receive my help and support for your development through the FM practice.


inspire by fighting monkey

Experience the FM practice in dense and intense workshops.

Work within yourself, with a partner, with the group. Train, try, learn and play.

We question how we move and what moves us. We look for grace and strength through the lens of rhythm and coordination. We aim to expand our potential identifying and respecting our biological signature.

We explore possibilities in complexity and irregularity. We practice together to further understand ourself and the landscape in which we move, improve our adaptability to better deal with life situations.


previous events

Inspire by FM

6 December 2020 - Adelaide

Inspire by FM

27 September 2020 - Adelaide

Inspire by FM

1 December 2019 - Adelaide

Inspire by FM

21 September 2019 - Melbourne

Inspire by FM

9 August 2019 - Melbourne

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Inspire by FM / 5 Week Cycle

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