Sacco Caprotti

Questions that drive my work
  • How do humans move?

  • How do both competition and collaboration support our evolution?

  • How can we enjoy life for longer?

How do we move?

The human body is a complex structure that relies on rhythm and coordination to move appropriately. How do we nurture and nourish those qualities? We need to regularly expose ourselves to variety, irregularity, unpredictability in order to foster the ability to attune and organise of our bodies.

The practice of coordination is suggested with two main focuses: stimulate the learning process in complex environments and reinforce the whole body organisation.

Onebody Coordination

How do both competition and collaboration support our evolution?

Play is a key element for human development, a tool for discovery and learning. How do you invest in your development? How do you play?

Exploring and creating new connections, new possibilities is extremely valuable. We need to try and speculate, deliberately have fun and walk off someone else track, step aside from linear and monotone ways of moving.

But in order to make the most out of it, we need to stay engaged, observe and listen.

Rigorous Play

How can we enjoy life for longer?

 Cultivating qualities such as elasticity and curiosity are priorities of my approach. An elastic structure allows movement, exploration and a return back home in a meaningful way.


A curious mind contributes to preserve the brain plasticity. Maintaining and developing a playful attitude seems to feed our neuroplasticity, therefore developing new connections. The deepest root of science is curiosity, so we purposefully embrace the question "what if..?".

Elastic body Plastic brain

Quotation mark

“Training with Ed has fundamentally changed the way I look at exercise. I never really enjoyed the old ‘traditional’ isolated weight training sessions on the gym floor and wanted something more dynamic, functional and interesting. Ed’s classes keep me engaged and challenged in a variety of ways. I now look at training very differently. It’s more about moving naturally and playing at the same time. Rather than leaving the gym exhausted I leave Ed’s classes feeling energised and connected.”

Matthew R.  |  Naturopath

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