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2 Workshops

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Sunday 6 December 2020


9am-12pm Athletic Development

2pm-5pm Physical Longevity


Healthworks Marden | Level 1, Mars Sports Complex
63 Lower Portrush Rd, Marden, SA 5070


Athletic Development

9am -12pm

You need to step out of the crowd, diversify your training, foster curiosity and creativity. How do you further your practice to stay at the top of your game?

You are an athlete, you have to compete, you need to be on the edge, you have to improve. How do you invest your energy?

It is essential to better the communication between joints, interconnect the entire structure into one dynamic, rhythmically coordinated animal that can generate kinetic potential, torque and speed.


In 90% or more scenarios you move on your feet. You will practice to understand how you organise yourself on top of your feet in order to broaden your movement potential and be able to creatively answer the questions that a game offers.

Physical Longevity


The human body is organised around the information channel that is the spine. How do you nurture its integrity?

In the ageing process, muscles and tendons, ligaments and bones tend to lose elasticity in favour of rigidity and fragility. The plastic capacity of structural remodeling of the brain naturally declines. Losing elasticity and plasticity means losing adaptability to life's irregular circumstances. How do you sustain and cultivate body elasticity and brain plasticity?

Experience traditional joint articulation, complex coordinations and liberation through improvisation. Train like never before, beyond prescribed protocols. Try, struggle, play, challenge, be challenged, try again.


Based in Adelaide

Online coaching Worldwide


Tel: 0481-110-113

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