Sacco Caprotti

Inspire by FM

Experience the FM practice in dense and intense workshops.

Work within yourself, with a partner, with the group.

Train, try, learn and play.

We question how we move and what moves us. We look for grace and strength through the lens of rhythm and coordination. We aim to expand our potential identifying and respecting our biological signature.

We explore possibilities in complexity and irregularity. We practice together to further understand ourself and the landscape in which we move and improve our adaptability to better deal with life situations.

Stray Play

11 - 12 of December 2021



Zero Forms

  • Assess the body interconnections and understand how we age as a whole

  • Sense a resilient channel that can move yet let the information travel through the whole structure

  • Meet yourself where you are, remember where you come from and foresee where you will go

  • Learn how to support your evolution according to your life demands

How are you?


  • Practice multi domain movement patterns that can be applied to multiform contexts

  • Improve your learning strategies to orientate and organise yourself in the midst of complexity

  • Embrace rhythm and coordination to promote your ability to adapt and perform

  • Transform the Co-Ordinations decoding practice into athletic capacity opportunities

What do you see?

Movement Situations

  • Actively learn through solving movement riddles

  • Experience the benefits of irregular training

  • Engage in games that provoke playfulness and enhance your strategic decision making

  • Study how to inspire others and encourage self expression

How do you play?

The practice includes individual and interactive tasks and a diverse use of peculiar tools.


Empire Dance Studio


Saturday 11th of December 2pm - 5pm

Sunday 12th of December 9am - 12pm

Spaces are limited

Bookings are open with early bird discount until the 5th of December.

Please contact me for any further question.

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Based in Adelaide

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