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My name is Eduardo and I am a father of two. I am a curious person and love exploring the endless domains of movement.


I have been working in the Health and Fitness industry for many years now and I have observed how things have changed over time for me. The way I work, train and look at physical development are constantly evolving, as life does.

Changing is inevitable, I have become more aware of it and I try to embrace it, and this is reflected in the way I propose my sessions.

My love for physical activities was clear since a young age. After high school I made a conscious decision of studying Exercise and Sport Science because I thought that sharing my love for movement was going to be my life mission. That was in Italy long time ago.

Fast forward more than 10 years and after working as a trainer in different countries proposing exercise based on numbers (sets, repetitions, time, calories,..), something changed. First, I discovered that I was going to become father for the first time. Second, I wanted to be like an animal, able to play with its cub and lead by example also when it comes to climbing a tree! My journey into human movement took a different direction, my passion got to another level.

Nowadays I value qualities such as observation, connection and interaction. Refining my observational skills allows me to understand my structure better and so feel where my limitations and possibilities are and better predict trouble (i.e. injuries). Working on movement connection makes my joints working as an orchestra, loads are better distributed, energy is more efficiently used and, power and strength become a coordinated expression. Interactive movement situations expose my supposed knowledge, meaning that from executing something in a "sterile environment", I face a more complex, life like setting in which my actual knowledge is exposed.

I am now based in Adelaide. My family and I came here to visit about 3 years ago and fell in love with the city. A work opportunity arose in mid 2019 and we decided to take it. My mission is to inspire people through movement and I do it with one to one, group and online coaching as well as workshops and presentations.

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  • MSc. Sports Science

  • BSc. Sport and Exercise Science

  • Dip. Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Dip. Remedial Massage

  • Dip. Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

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