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What is FM?

The Fighting Monkey Practice is a dynamic approach to movement, healthy aging and life-long learning based on research and dialogue between Art, Physical Performance and Effective Communication.


Ageless Athleticism

To Enjoy Life For Longer

and unfolding potential

Hello there!

​My name is Eduardo and I am here to help you explore the endless domains of movement.

Adaptability is one of the characteristics of being human, but once you adapt to something and consolidate the form, you risk becoming a rigid machine.

I aim to promote body elasticity and brain plasticity to perform beyond expectation and enjoy life for longer.


If you are curious, join me!

How do you train to further your athletic potential?

I propose a physical training that aims to ageless athleticism and focuses on:

  • Athletic Capacity

  • Tolerance to Irregularity

  • Strategic Creativity

1 to 1

Sessions are tailored to suit you. My aim is to offer you a space in which your personal development happens on multiple levels.

30 - 45 - 60

minute sessions available


Group sessions have a dynamic structure to foster a learning experience through a challenging interactive environment.

5 week cycles 3 classes

45 minute sessions


I host 'Inspire by FM' in Adelaide, interstate in Australia and I am happy to travel if you are interested in working with me.

Inspire by FM and

9 Speed Tool specific

Quotation mark

“With Eduardo's wealth of experience and knowledge my tennis and coaching has gone to the next level. His sharp eye and visionary approach has helped me work on the fine details I have been missing for myself. This in turn has helped me take more responsibility for my self and my learning to become a better individual. A individual that takes better care of myself and has more insight and energy to help other athletes do the same for themselves. It is a pleasure working with Eduardo, a truly caring and wise man who I would recommend to anyone."

Luke Sebastiani   |  ATA Director and Head of Athletic Development

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Based in Adelaide

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