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My Fighting Monkey Quest

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Fighting the monkeys in your head,

that shut you down to possibility.

- Shahla Tarrant, on FM Intensive 5

Martin Bosy and Michael Ryan at FM Intensive 5 Slovakia - Photo by Mike Rafail

We do not give a formal definition for our practice. There are no levels.

Our tasks range from possible to impossible and aim at nourishing youth and vigor for life.

They are for everyone from 2 years old to 125 providing space for playing.

More on Fighting Monkey

I think of FM as an open source applicable to any domain, it offers concepts and situations where you can explore your physicality or more if you choose to. The founders behind this amazing project are Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea. They have develop the practice through cross motion analysis with the aim of better understand human movement, communication and the ageing process. FM ideas are applied in a variety of field, including athletic and artistic performance as well as injury rehabilitation.

FM inspired work allows you to explore in a non judgemental way, be seriously playful and find new enjoyment in life. During training sessions you will face the creative struggle and solve physical demanding situations. Complexity is a necessity in order to stimulate and develop the adaptive value of your behavioural features.

My journey within FM has been very fascinating and transformative so far. It may have started from the body but it has made me explore something deeper so I have started to address physical tasks as life challenges. FM has also given me the opportunity to meet extraordinary people from all over the world and background and I am deeply grateful for it.

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