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The Un-Comfort Zone

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Finding qualities in midst of the struggle

Recently I had a short conversation about "un-comfort" at the end of one of my class. Someone highlighted how something was uncomfortable during the session and so she had to change her approach to the given task.

As humans we seek comfort and it is quite a natural behaviour, we can observe it in the whole animal kingdom. That said, I think that comfort can hold our growth back. In the specific example, I mentioned one of my tip to integrate incidental mobility in our everyday life: spending time on the ground.

The ground can be very uncomfortable, hard and unforgiving. Holding a position for prolonged time is not easy and that is my point. You are constantly forced to find new solutions in order to deal with it. You will move from a position to another and another and another and guess what, you are going to offer so much variability to your entire structure without having to dedicate time for it. You may start having a snack, then a meal or reading a couple of pages and then a chapter and so on. Start with small and steady steps, give yourself time.

A level of awareness is needed for sure. Your organism is constantly offering you feedback and the more you are tuned in, the more you can perceive what it is going on therefore change. It is also important to have a sound understanding of how to organise your body and not collapsing under the pressure of gravity.

I’m going to conclude saying that this is just an example of how I try to embrace un-comfort zones which I inevitably encounter in my life and make the most out of them.

Instead of avoid un-comfort, find the lesson within.

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