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I suffer from a brain disorder which has caused slowed movement, stiffness and rigidity and unsteadiness when walking. I found out about this just before I started training with Eduardo five months ago. I was feeling rather depressed about the diagnosis and, because of the unsteadiness, I was finding it difficult to do things like negotiate stairs and escalators.

My experience of working with Eduardo has been very positive. Through rhythm movement patterns and other exercises, he has helped restore my movement awareness, improved my gait and my balance and steadiness. Our sessions have always been challenging, but fun.

Physically, my posture is better as is my balance. I am walking much better and I now feel confident walking up and down stairs and getting on and off escalators. This has made a huge difference to my life from a practical perspective. It has also helped me to feel more confident.

Modern science is only starting to understand neuroplasticity – the capacity of the brain to change and heal itself – but I feel that, under Eduardo’s guidance and through the use of activity and movement, my brain is finding new pathways to overcome the problems I am experiencing.

Sally W.


"a real buzz"

“I’ve been training with Ed for a couple of months and the impact upon my flexibility and core strength is amazing. Ed is perhaps one of the most encouraging and supportive trainers I have ever worked with and he has kept me challenged but mindful of not injuring myself. The techniques have not only been physically rewarding but the concentration and necessity to adapt, means my mind has been getting a terrific work out as well. I always come away with a real buzz, both from the physical training and the mental stimulation.”

Steve H.


"get the best out of myself"

“I have had the pleasure of training with Ed for the past eight months. During this time I’ve been thoroughly impressed by Ed’s knowledge, passion and genuine desire to get the best out of myself. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any individual who has a desire to become the best version of themselves. Personally, I have seen massive improvements in a short space of time (improved mobility, stability and general well-being) and always look forward to our weekly training sessions together. Cheers Ed for just being awesome!”

Nix A.

Personal Trainer

"feeling energised"

“Training with Ed has fundamentally changed the way I look at exercise. I never really enjoyed the old ‘traditional’ isolated weight training sessions on the gym floor and wanted something more dynamic, functional and interesting. Ed’s classes keep me engaged and challenged in a variety of ways. I now look at training very differently. It’s more about moving naturally and playing at the same time. Rather than leaving the gym exhausted I leave Ed’s classes feeling energised and connected.”

Matthew R.


"about movement and myself"

“Ed has a passion for not just human movement but also the human soul. This combined with his beautiful nature and genuine interest to see you achieve move in all parts of your training and life make him one of the best people you will ever get to work with. I was lucky enough to coach along side Ed and also train with him. This is definitely a time that I won't forget and a time that I learnt a lot about movement and myself.”

Brenden A. Crossfit Coach

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